18 September 2007

Excessive Knitting Content, including brief nudity, but no display of genitalia.

Mother as Pat Benatar
This was knitted after seeing the pattern by Mintyfresh on Ravelry.
I used Cotton Fleece, but it's designed as a way
to use up oddments of sock yarn
(and in my case, beads).
Please note, I have nothing to do with the faux-leopard print dress.

Mother Annoyed
with Kate, who is nude, without limbs or ears,
and resting on Mummy's shoulder.
Kind of makes her look like a light bulb, eh?

Posh Lucia Sock Yarn in the color 'Reassure.'
4-ply 70% merino, 30% cashmere, It's kind of stringy...
I don't think I like it.

I call this sock 'I Poop Corn.'
The name comes from this disgusting story that Ms. Violet's beloved,
'Sideshow Husband' told me
I'd tell you myself, but I'm posting this too close to suppertime for all that.
(E-mail me for details).
The sock pattern, by Nancy Bush is from the Interweave Knits, Fall 2005 issue. It's cabled (and ribbed) for your pleasure. I'm using "Knit Picks Essential Tweed" in Inca Gold,
which is
considerably softer than KP Essential without the Tweed.
I haven't washed it yet, so we'll see how it holds up.

After losing the strap somewhere in the abyss that is the kitchen,
I knit up another one using Lion Brand 'Incredible' Yarn.
This is done in seed stitch on size 6mm needles. Or 5.5mm.
I forget...

Dalida is the newest member of our family.
Although she's rather uh...'
big boned,' she's actually still a baby.
Due to her coloring (
she has a small swath of brown
on the left side behind her ear)
her street name is
Lil' Skidz.
The good news is, she's only peed on me twice.

This too, has nothing to do with knitting,
but since I dearly love guinea pigs of all sizes,
here's a picture of a capybara relaxing at the Montreal Biodome.

I'll post more when I actually feel like it, and that may not be any time prior to mid-October. I'm supposed to attend a family reunion in Las Cruces, New Mexico of all places. When I return, I'll have lots of incriminating photos to post, no doubt. Following that, I hope to return to Montreal for the rest of the year, at least.
While I'm away, buy this book and knit everything in it.
It's fabulous. Seriously.

Okay, bye.


dragon knitter said...

wondered when you were gonna do mom shots again.

AliP said...

oh poor Momma!! LOL Has she not yet learned to stop dozing off with you around??
"I Poop Corn" sock....oh my gods D you made me laugh so loud i scared the kids. THANK YOU!

mary j said...

we are looking forward to your return home. we miss you!

Mona strickt said...

No word on the Mom pictures. (Mine would kill me.)

You have yarn with cashmere in it and you don't like it? What's WRONG with you??

Deborah said...

You are very funny and your mom's a great sport!