03 July 2005

If you're not part of the solution...

...then you're not much different from the rest of us.
Dig it:

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Emily said...

Bonjour! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Lee Ann said...

You're part of the precipitate :-)

I did this one too, though the webmeister doesn't want the button on the site...it was actually interesting to see what they wanted to know. And your blog was one of the random links they pulled from my site!

Oh, oops. There goes the confidentiality. ;-)

deawn said...

Emily, you're too welcome. I'll be back!

Lee Ann, I checked, and precipitate is one notch above 'sludge' so it's all good. And not to worry about the confidentiality thing. 1984 was a long time ago, and nothing has been the same ever since...(which on some levels is a good thing...)