09 July 2005

Now, That's Gross (The Saga Continues)

If you're eating, you so don't want to see the other end of this link. It's extraordinarily horrible. At the last Montreal Knits gathering, we were discussing feet (don't ask), and how most people don't really like the look of their own. Either that, or their simply indifferent. This photo shows the atrocity that is Katie Holmes' feet copied from that bastion of reliable journalism, Star Magazine. (The following visual provides an example of footwear to be avoided):

"These boots are made for hobblin' "
My beloved grandmother died at age 90, after having been an insulin-dependent diabetic for 21 years--even her feet never looked that vile. You think Ms. Holmes could get a toe transplant or something? Those gnarled stumps are really beyond the pale. Then again, human nature being what it is, you know you want to look...so go ahead.

But don't say I didn't warn you.


Anny said...

Those are nasty feet indeed! EEEWWWWW!!!

I can't believe that someone would be stupid enough to mangle their toes like that...

deawn said...

Hurts just to look, doesn't it?

Madelina said...

Damn, it's a good thing I stopped wearing those squash a cockroach in the corner shoes when I did. My foot problem is related to toenails. I have them, you just have to look hard to find them.