13 July 2005

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

Another craft idea gone horribly wrong.

One day I'm channel surfing and I come across this craft show on cable, and this lady is demonstrating how to make a "memory box" for Alzheimer patients using one of those cardboard boxes, copies of old photos of loved ones, and attaching them by means of d├ęcoupage...

I found that idea to be incredibly cheesy, no matter how severe one's dementia.

So I decided to combine cheesy with tacky, then add a pinch of vulgarity. The result? A toilet seat with d├ęcoupaged photos of family members, which I planned to award to some unsuspecting relative at our next family reunion.

Word of my creation got out, and I got deluged with requests to "please-baby-please, make sure you put my picture on the lid and not the seat!!!"

The whole thing got incredibly complex, and I never actually got around to finishing The Familial Throne. ...Tender mercies, indeed. Anyway, there are, no doubt, any number of disturbing ideas bouncing about in my disturbed little mind, and hopefully, I'll keep procrastinating long enough not to get any of them started. (We can all hope, anyway).

That's all for now. Bye.


Madelina said...

This was so good, I had to show Logan. He howled with laughter, and is now planning on making his own, complete with photos of his brothers, his ex-wives, and George Bush. Have I told you lately that I love you, Deawn? You're a hoot.

deawn said...

Make absolutely sure Dubya goes on the seat--not the lid.

Thank you.

Susan said...

But will it compete with the penney throne?