30 October 2005

Dyeing for more yarn?

While checking out the latest at my favorite neigborhood yarn supplier, Touché, I met a lovely lady who dyes yarn in her home, and happens to live in the same zip code as Mother's crib. I examined some of her creations (actually, I fondled them for over a half-hour), and they're really quite lovely. She spins everything using a spindle, yet the consistency is remarkably uniform. Like our knitting amiga Kate Gilbert, she's due to give birth very soon, but she doesn't expect that to cramp her spinning/dyeing style in the least! When time permits, she plans to upgrade her website, but you can get a nice idea of her offerings by clicking on this link.

For those of you interested in having me import some Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride
upon my return to La Belle Province, here are the details you've been waiting for:

Worsted or Bulky weight - $6.95 US per skein
Nebraska Sales Tax: 7.0%

Feel free to pay me in US funds or if you rather, Canadian. I'll calculate the rate of exchange based on the day of delivery. Let me know what colors you want via e-mail, and I'll respond accordingly.

(Pssst! I'm taking a brief side trip to Denver from Wednesday to Friday this week, and will not be away from my e-mail during that time--so don't be concerned if you don't get an immediate reply. Thank you.)

Okay, I'm out. Stay real.


Morris said...

So when do I get to come visit?

Mr. Morris
Ask Morris

deawn said...

Why in hell would you even want to? Omaha really, and I mean really sucks greatly.

...That applies, even if you live in Council Bluffs.