19 February 2005

The Contac-C is eating up my brain

...which I hope helps to explain why I felt the need to share this link with you: The Anomolous List of Unusual Names.

Admittedly, I'm much too old to be amused by such sophomoric humor, but I can't help it. I'm stupid that way. Try it, it's fun! Sometime when you're bored in a meeting, or sitting in a funeral/church/memorial service, and you think you'll simply die
if the whole thing doesn't end soon, allow your mind to wander to the names listed on this page. I guarantee you, it'll take you right back to Grade 8, just as if you never left...(and your ass will probably get kicked out when you start laughing uncontrollably in the midst of it all).

Man, this winter is getting long.

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