19 February 2005

Throwback Poncho, Completed & Posted.

Modelled by Yours Truly in the squalor that is my salon, my first poncho. It's the Villa pattern by Megan Riordan, and posted in Knitty.com in Autumn 2003. I used TLC Amoré in (3628) Dark Thyme with (3627) Light Thyme for the trim. This is because I didn't want to be out a huge wad of cash if I screwed it up. (I didn't). I chose to use 12 mm needles, because I wanted the drape to make it look as if it had been crocheted instead of knitted. That, and I wanted to hurry up and get the entire mess over and done with. (Patience isn't a big part of my skill set). I started in late August and finished something like two weeks later (because I never work on anything straight through...it's just not my nay-cha).


Mona strickt said...

C'mon, we do know why you used 12mm needles...you just love it big! ;-) From what I can see it looks good - do you like wearing it?

deawn said...

Okay, okay, my secret is out.

Yes, I do like wearing it. In fact, I even wear it indoors, kind of like a robe, over my nightgown. This is especially useful if I have to answer the door because the UPS guy shows up at some ungodly hour.

Layering is such fun!