24 February 2005

More Cousins, More Fame

Although it is true, the Omaha World-Herald sucks ass, they nevertheless did run a story on this rather uniformed debate about the history behind African-American quilts made by slaves escaping to freedom. They also printed a photo of, and quoted my cousin Janet, famous former RN, current Funeral Director, and Quilting Enthusiast, with one of her many chef d'oeuvres.

What the article (as well as the curator of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's International Quilt Study Center) don't mention is the rather obvious fact that there may not be documentation to support the stories behind the patterns chosen for the quilts because putting info like this to paper might lead to it falling into the wrong hands, thereby revealing points of the journey along the Underground Railroad. (Just a thought). Perhaps one day, the proof some say doesn't exist will surface, so some ninny reporter right out of j-school can find a more interesting angle on which to base her story.

But hey...I'm not bitter, or anything. Just sick and tired of the dimwits who by-and-large inhabit the many institutions of this great midwestern hell hole. That's all.

I have to go roll my eyes now...ciao, belli.

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