14 February 2005

Saturday night in the O-N-E...

Since Gary Bettman and the player's union can't seem to get it together, I decided to get my hockey fix by attending the UNO game this past Saturday. The home team lost. But it's all good--since UNO has only had a hockey program for six years or so, they did quite well to lose by only one goal! The group of kids seated behind us was hilarious, and despite our having nosebleed seats, the view was great.

In the event you think I have an obsession with the number 'one,' UNO = University of Nebraska-Omaha, and O-N-E = Omaha, NE(braska).

My main purpose in going was to accidentally-on-purpose, bump into the world's hottest sportswriter, and to check out the Qwest Center (as I'd never seen the arena before). Well, one outta two ain't bad (he wasn't in the press box, but his bloated, insufferable colleague however, was). The Qwest Center wasn't bad, but some of the personnel working there are power tripping kinda hard...

(It's Omaha. I've come to expect running into a few assholes in nearly every situation).


Knitting Painter Woman said...

Ok. I thought it was me. But your profile puts you in O Canada and your comments put you in O Maha. Please clarify. Thanks.

I miss hockey.

deawn said...

Without divulging all my bidness, it breaks down like this...I spend winter months* in the O-NE, and the rest of the time à la belle province. I will make my great escape north in mid-April.

I am counting the moments. Truly.

* That's winter as defined by the weather in Omaha, not Montreal. That would be half the damn year--and I just couldn't deal with all that.