29 June 2005

The fun never ends for Susan...

Susan, my childhood friend visiting from Texas
, returned home yesterday, athough only one of her bags made it with her. Murphy's Law being what it is, the one with her considerable yarn stash (see photo), is somewhere between Philly and DFW. I hope that her stuff shows up soon, because there'll be hell to pay if it doesn't.

To further enhance her travel experience, she reported to me last evening, that her flight from Philly to DFW was crammed with kids who must have been attendees of an ADHD Convention. The fact that the 737 was stuck at the gate for over an hour (waiting for a push back, because the first truck broke, and they were supposedly waiting for baggage to arrive), added that much more to the ordeal.

The good news is, her psycho-kitty, Noriko was very happy to have her home. And so was her husband, Steve.

Check out his work on their website, "2 Geeks And A Cat" which showcases Steve's work (he even created the site), and includes bio's for the whole fam damily. Some of the info is a little outdated, but hey...they've been really busy the last few years. Really busy. (Don't ask. I get tired just explaining it!)

More news as it develops...

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