10 June 2005

I'd like to call out...

...that rude megabitch working for the TSA at Eppley Airfield who felt me up under the guise of 'security' prior to my flight Thursday. As if the entire farce that is the Transportation Security Administration and the insane number of hoops you demand of the travelling public aren't a big enough hassle for innocent people who just want to get on the fucking plane and sleep until it lands, the brutal attitude with which you addressed me leads me to believe you acquired your people skills from the DMV.

You, Ms. McCarty (Iinspector No. 76357), can kiss my ample, hail-damaged ass.

And I mean that in total sincerity.


Susan said...

Damn....you just make me really want to get that plane. Well you know Omaha, give on freak power they take it to the limit. Sounds like my July 4th 2002 trip to Omaha, where my zipper kept setting off the wand. I had to go to bathroom to prove it was my damn zipper.

And if there's a gaggle of kids in the customs lines this time, I can't be held for my actions. I still don't know how to curse in Quebois. But damn I can stick out my tongue.


deawn said...

It's all good. The kids can teach you after you flatten their asses.

See ya Tuesday!