04 June 2005

So Happy To Be Here, Etc. Part II

My time here in "The Land That Time Forgot" is drawing to a close. (Well, in a few days, anyway). I managed to hit three of my favored LYS during my stay, and am happy to report that one of them has begun to carry Lorna's Laces. Of course, I didn't buy any, but I spent a little too much time feeling them up. (They're just so sensuous, doncha think?) I did purchase a lot of Katia Alba (no relation to Jessica), for a "thing" I'm creating to camouflage my middle-aged triceps, as well as some additional bamboo needles for the slipperier fibers I'll be working with. If nothing else, they'll make great holders for brochettes (believe it or not, all of them were smaller than Size 5-1/2mm). And hey--I can't wait until I get some new specs so I can actually see what the hell I'm doing! Quél fun!

Glenda of Touché phoned to say my long-awaited order of Lamb's Pride Bulky in Aubergine had arrived. Since I'm not known for my speed, the timing coincides nicely with my beginning some Christmas projects I'd like to felt. In fact, several more family members have come begging--I mean 'requesting' that I make them Bigass Felted Tote like the one I made for Mother, so I should probably get started on those. Glenda told me that she is quite knowledgeable with Véronik's work and is someone she'd like to meet one day. Unless she gets abducted by a rogue band of seed-cap wearing locals and dragged here by force, I don't think Véronik has any plans to do a Tour of the (Diseased and Enlarged) Heartland. Perhaps Glenda will make a visit North someday. If so, I invite her to crash at my place, as long as she doesn't mind sleeping in the same room with Fidel. He doesn't snore, but he does drink all night. Yet another example of his boorish behavior. But what's a mother to do?

My Kansas Death Tour 2005 was big fun, and was surprisingly delightful. I must get around to sharing the details with you very, very soon. I'd do it now, but it was such a good time, I have no idea where to start! As a preview of things to come, note that it included a midnight trip to IHOP, several games of UNO for Cheaters, friendly farmer ghosts with maps, soggy Chuck Taylors, visits to six cemeteries in two days, and surprisingly nice scenery (for Kansas) . Who knew?!

Gotta go now. A tornado watch has just been issued, and I have flowers to be planted before the swirling starts...

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