21 June 2005

My Tag Is Showing

Musically tagged, 2nd ed. - Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Total Volume of Music on My Computer:
15GB = 3,127 songs--at this writing, anyway.

What is the last music you acquired?
"Kem II" by Kem

Song Playing Right Now:
You mean like, in my head? Alrighty then...
"My Funny Valentine" by Carmen McRae

Five Songs I Listen to A Lot: (i.e. LIKE to listen to a lot)
1. "I Got It Bad" by Nina Simone
2. "Ribbon In The Sky" by Hiroshima
3. "I'm Not Afraid To Sing The Blues" by Diane Schuur
4. "Soon As I Get Home" by Lizz Wright
5. "Moonlight in Vermont" by Sara Vaughan

Passing on to 5 people:
You realize the term "passing on" has special significance for me...however, I will endeavour to comply:

Susan (a little something for your new blog, once it's up and running)
"Madelina" (of Madelina's Madhouse fame)
Lisa (the Urban Pagan of urbanpaganknits.blogspot.com)
Kadi (because we loved that story about your nephew, the mason jar, and the bunnies)
Lisa (my dear cousin, who is still trying to learn to cast on).


Madelina said...

Does this mean "tag, you're it"? And what are you passing on to me? Or are you passing me on to others? I'm confused. But then, I pretty much stay that way, so nothing new, really.

deawn said...

That's right. You get to answer all those questions, then pass the whole thing on to five other victi--I mean, chosen few.

Ain't it fun?

Susan is still trying desperately to get me to become an organized and prompt person. It's working about as well as my efforts to teach her French.

And that's all I got to say about that. (ha!)

Madelina said...

Susan teaching you how to become organized is like the blind leading the blind. I know this from personal experience - three years in the dorm... or was it just two? Somehow, it seems more like twenty.