08 May 2006

Bad place to take a vacation...

...and you wouldn't want to have to spend your winters there, either. As for those of us who do, read more about it, right here:

I took this picture one day while killing time (sorry) before contemplating a visit to the gym. I had just finished this entormous, cholesterol-laden sandwich when it occurred to me that his has got to look strange to people from outside the area. Dig it-- What's more, someone actually had the bright idea to make an entire burial ground for butterflies. What's more, whoever made the sign can't spell for shit, because they inadvertantly added an extra 'i' when hammering out the authentic wrought iron. So I wiped my greasy mouth, and snapped a photo for all the world to see. If you look carefully, you can see the red and white 'KENO' sign in the lower section. What better spot for an insect burial ground than the back yard of a keno parlor! (Who needs city planning anyway?)

See? Omaha really is a 'No Fun Allowed' Zone!

As if that wasn't enough to completely blow your mind, I decided to take this picture, while waiting for something (anything, really) to happen, across the street from La Casa de los Muertos. After 6 in the evening, you can loiter, scratch, fence stolen property, and purchase drugs to your heart's delight. But during normal business hours, don't even think about it! (You've been warned).

But here's the good news--four of my five boxes shipped have arrived, as of this posting. I expect to get the last one today (or tomorrow, since the mail dude only bothers to deliver mail three days out of the week). Something tells me I'm damn lucky to get stuff that often, since he doesn't appear to be the sharpest tool in the shed. More news as it develops...stay tuned.


K. said...

Lady D. I can't wait to see you! I will stay tuned!

Knit Chick said...

These are GREAT pictures. Funny too! See you at the next knitting meeting! (Well, not the one on Mother's Day)

dragon knitter said...

gee, that sign looks vaguely familiar! when does the death tour start?