16 May 2006

I'm all the way in the Soul Patrol, y'all.

You have simply GOT to cheer for this guy, even if you don't bother with that whole American Idol mishegoss. The only reason I got caught up in it is because my mother insisted upon watching it, and well--I love a good train wreck. But the fact is, since the very beginning,when we saw this spastic white guy (with a luscious gray mane), trying to resurrect Brotha Ray, we took notice. I mean, he's got this voice that shouldn't come outta that body, and for a change, we agreed on something, Mummy and I--and that is, this guy is effing out there! I mean, he's straight up spastic. Yet it doesn't matter, because he's having a real good time on stage. But most of all, he's talented, as well. And that really ought to count for something. (Especially since Mandisa and Paris ain't on there no more).

The thing that nailed it for me is that this guy has two pet goldfish named Lamont and Ray. The Pisces in me loves that they have their own blog. The outcast in me appreciates just how weird that is for a grown man to do, but he goes on ahead and does it anyway. That shows he hasn't totally gone big time, and recognizes the beauty in all creatures, great and small, if you get my drift (sorry...I couldn't resist).

Oh sure, Katharine was positively killer with her rendition of "Over The Rainbow." But when you consider how week after week, Mista T always managed to bring it, even when they made him sing a song that wasn't of his own choosing at the last minute ("Just Once"). What a trooper!

Therefore, I expect all of you South o' The Border to do the righteous thing, and make sure Taylor wins the entire shit.

Any questions? (I din't think so...)


K. said...

I totally agree!

dragon knitter said...

i would if i watched american idol. i'll have to listen for him when he gets a record deal (even # 2 gets a deal, look at all the claymates out there!)