22 May 2006

Unfinished Bidness...(ongoing, anyway).

Okay, I'm annoyed to the max that Sympatico has cut my DSL connection for reasons that nobody (here or there) seems to know. This means I am struggling through the long holiday weekend on dial-up of all things! This sucks to the utmost, and I hate it a lot.

You see, another one of my knitting friends needs to have her blog hyped to the max, so I had planned to do this with lots of graphics, some shockwave, and a link to some porn site. Sadly, the entire mess with my ISP has pretty much made that an exercise in futility. Therefore, I present to you, the stripped-down, quick and dirty version of hype, Deawn-style:

Usually, people that accomplished don't cop to knowing me, much less show kindness to a disturbed, shiftless, hypertensive diva such as Yours Truly. But that just goes to show what a beautiful person she is, inside and out.

Guess I'll close for now, but first, allow me to grovel for a favor that could prove bloody inconvenient for all involved. Just my luck, I'll be in Chi-town right at the time that the final episode of American Idol airs! Now, you know I'm not really into that sort of thing, but I am completely into Taylor Hicks, the Ultimate Showman with Geek Style Extraordinaire. So, if anybody out there wants to tape Wednesday evening's show for me, I'd be so grateful, that I would consider compensation in monetary or yarnish form. Please advise.

And don't forget. Vote for Taylor--early and often.

Thank you.


dragon knitter said...

yippee skippy, jen got included! now, when is that death tour again? are you here in lovely omaha again?

deawn said...

No, I decided to wait until it stops storming for a second. (I hope to arrive tomorrow late). The death tour begins Sunday, although we've had another late addition to the tour--meaning we get to add Mt. Hope to the tour.

The only thing keeping me outta Nevada (MO), is my pesky plumbing. Travel during high tide is not recommended =(

I'll keep you posted as my hormones attack...