18 May 2006

So fibertastic.

Those of you wondering what kind of fiber-filled fun I engage in while trapped in Omaha(ha-ha-ha-ha), need not wait any longer. I present for your perusal, scenes of crochetin', knittin', spinnin', and grinnin'.
Mica models her masterpiece
Chez Mangelsen's
Would you belive Mica's shrug began as a tablecloth? Her exquisite artistic vision morphed it into a shrug. Lily Chin really must step aside--Mica is the world's fastest crocheter!

Minnie socks it to us, baby.
Minnie is examining ways of turning her passion for spinning (and knitting) into a cottage industry. Read all about it (and so much more) at her blog, Muses of a Dragon Mad Knitter.
Carin appears as "The Spinning Nurse"
Jen's Spinning Wheel
Carin has recently discovered the "Joy of Spinning" and relaxes by knitting stuff, furnishing her new home, yet still manages to work tirelessly as the unofficial Florence Nightengale of String of Purl's Sit & Knit on Thursdays. Read about it on her blog, Keeping Me In Stitches.

Although I'm missing a visual, I encourage you to browse by Erin's blog Titanium Rose. She's cool, it's cool, and I'd be ever so remiss if I didn't mention it.

So there you have it. A brief glimpse of some of the knitters I've met during my exile. Think of it as a really long virtual fiber that connects us all through cyberspace.

Can you dig it? ...I knew that you could.

More later, and remember: Vote for Taylor .


dragon knitter said...

thanks for the shout out, deawn, but you forgot jen! and that's a really crappy picture of me, thanks! can't wait for the death tour, when are you going to be here?

Alcariel said...

Girl, we miss you!! When are you coming back?!? I've got actual yarn to show you....that I made myself!!!

Alcariel said...

And I just want to add that you are now my official photographer. This is pretty much the first pic of myself that I've liked since my senior pictures and I didn't even like half of those. And I don't look like the pasty Midwesterner that I really am!!!

dragon knitter said...

and my feet were dirty, ack! and thanks for outing me, i hadn't announced it on my blog yet, lol.

deawn said...

Okay, lessee...to answer a few questions, I plan to be at the next SoP Sit & Knit, tornado or not. No, I didn't forget Jen, I had this huge plan to do an epic presentation of her and her blog, but the rat-bastards at Bell Canada managed to fuck up my DSL connection Friday last, for no go reason whatsoever. Stay tuned; looks as if I'll have to do that upon my return to the Big O! (Make that "O-Hell!).

Thank you for the compliment on my amateur photography skills. Most of my work features loved ones taken by surprise while on the loo.

Pasty flesh, dirty feet, it's all good. What's more, they're easily corrected (unlike copious corpulent cellulite). Take pride and have no shame whatsoever. I don't!