17 September 2005

The Good, The Bad & The Fugly

Case in point, the neighbor's Shitmobile.
I believe you can decide for yourselves as to the categories this monstrosity belongs. As you can see, it's parked on the street, and not in my space for a pleasant change. It sounds as bad as it looks--aside from a non-functioning trunk latch, missing gas cap, donut instead of a rear tire, and lots of other jacked-up mess on this thing, it lacks a proper exhaust system; i.e. a muffler. Not only is it offensive to the eyes, but to the ears, as well. In effect, it's a full-scale assault on the senses. Then again, the knuckleheads living upstairs have no sense--or so it seems.

Now that I've covered The Bad and The Fugly, I present to you, The Good. Exquisite, actually! It's a shot of the lovely Molly Ann modelling her creation, which is now complete. I adore this shawl--and the colors are magnificent. In addition, I'd like to give a shout-out to Ms. Véronik Avery, who was gracious enough to take the photo for me. (She's a photography whiz, as well as designer par excellence).
Moving right along, here's a photo of Kadi and Véronik with Kadi's version of Clapotis (or as Susan and Yours Truly think of it, that thing we love to hate, because we keep screwing it up). As of this posting, it's grown by leaps and bounds, and is deliciously soft to the touch. I forget which kind of yarn Kadi is using, but I'll look into it, and let you know later.

A little background, for those who aren't hip--Kadi hates having her picture taken, and usually hides her face. Véronik is stifling a laugh, which is something she does a lot while in my company. I've decided not to take it personally, but she does seem to enjoy messing with me a lot. Maybe it's a Gemini thing. I'm not sure. At any rate, it gives me that feeling of belonging, so hey, it's all good. (I'm just waiting for her to spike my chai, at our next knitting thing...)

That's all for now...late!

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