11 September 2005

I'm not really feeling The Smiths, but....

I'm supposedly this type of indie elitist.
C-86 post punk kid. You are completely aware that
the Smiths are the greatest band ever, and your
wardrobe probably consists of lots of different
Smiths t shirts that you alternate ever day,
because everyone must know how much you love
the Smiths.

What type of indie elitist are you?
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Susan said...

Nah...you're defintely not a Smiths person. Then again, it called me a Smiths person. And anybody who knew back in the day knew that I went from a metal-head to a U2 freak, before anybody thought they were cool.


deawn said...

Obviously something is seriously wrong with that poll. Not only am I not particularly into The Smiths, but I wasn't huge on either metal bands or U2. (Although I did attend a U2 concert at The Big O in the 90s--but I used to go to a lot of concerts in my wayward youth).