20 September 2005

Obligatory Knitting Content

This is another one of those funky little items I recently completed. It's a scarf, and although it's oozing with color, it's one piece. Somebody's getting it for Christmas, but I can't say who, exactly. I made it with a couple of balls of Noro Kureyon using size 6mm needles in mistake rib. It's inspired by the Rainbow Scarf in Joelle Hoverson's "Last Minute Knitted Gifts." Since I work slow as hell, I started early. It's listed in the chapter for shit you can make in two to four hours; it took me slightly more than a few weeks.

In addition, I was greatly influenced by Axelle de Sauveterre's Klee Scarf, but too broke to actually buy any of her delicious hand-painted yarn. (That, and I can't imagine giving anything made with it to anyone but Me, Myself & I).

Here's the real deal--I can't possibly work on one thing at a time. I pick it up, put it down, I start new stuff, I get distracted. I'm restless as hell, and have the attention span of a mosquito. Oddly enough, I can however, sit still longer than anyone I know. So get off my back already...


nadine said...

i Adore the scarf ! i hope that i will be able to see it in person, soon.
... mistake rib ? sounds like something that's right up my alley.

deawn said...

Okay well--I might be coaxed to take it 'prime time,' but I'm seriously thinking of frogging it and starting over since I actually made a mistake in the mistake rib.

Only I would manage to screw that up. Oh well. Perhaps I can rename it the Huge Mistake Rib.