14 September 2005

Stupid Joke O' The Day

This is incredibly lame, but I heard it from a nine year-old...

And it goes like this:

There was this family of Moles in a Mole Hole, tunnelling through the earth, when the Mama Mole goes, [sniff-sniff-sniff] "Hey, I smell something good--it smells like pancakes!"

Then the Papa Mole (who is right behind her) goes, [sniff-sniff-sniff] "I smell bacon!"

Big Sister Mole (next in line) does something similar, like [sniff-sniff-sniff] and says "I smell sausage!"

And finally, Baby Mole, staying true to his birth order profile of being a total ham, plays it for cheap laughs, after the obligatory [sniff-sniff-sniff], then announces,

"I smell MO-lasses!"

(Get it?)

The End.


Madelina said...

I've got to teach that joke to Weyland so at least he will have something besides "knock knock -- who's there -- banana -- banana who -- knock knock -- who's there -- banana -- banana who -- knock knock -- who's there -- orange -- orange who -- orange you glad I didn't say banana" with which to annoy his family.

Reminds me of the little moron joke: "What did the little moron say when his landlady backed into the lawnmower?" (rim shot) "(clucking tongue)dis-aster!!"

Mona strickt said...

*mwahahahaaa* - got it!

"Kommt ein Frosch in den Kaufladen, fragt der Verkäufer: Was darf es sein? Sagt der Frosch: Quak!"

Got it? That was my favourite when I was nine...