07 October 2005

The Bold & The Beautiful

These two photos are shots from actual convenience store/gas stations in the midwest. I post them here as proof for those in attendance at the last Montreal Knitting Thang, held last Wednesday evening. You'd think that with the high cost of fuel, the ownership behind 'Kum & Go' would harbor some concern that the name might encourage drive-offs. One thing is for sure--the idea for the name of this place is unabashedly male. (Conversely, 'Pump 'n Munch' seems to reflect more of a female sensibility...)

Speaking of which, we discussed which guy on TLC's 'While You Were Out' is hotter. I argued for Andrew Dan Jumbo (pictured left), while the majority preferred John Bruce (on the right). I'm not one of those people who is impressed by big, huge, massive, rippling ,enormous muscles (per se), however I think in reviewing the entire package, the evidence speaks for itself. Loud. Deafening, even.

Then again, I might have unusual tastes...I don't like rhubarb, fried liver, or tapioca pudding, either.


Madelina said...

Well, it ain't a fair comparison until the guy on the right takes his shirt off, but I'm inclined to agree with you. The guy on the right just looks surly and argumentative, and I give extra points for pleasant, cheerful males.

Madelina said...

p.s. Those convenience store signs are a hoot. Might ought to send 'em to Jay Leno. Though I only watch him when Letterman is a rerun.

Mona strickt said...

No, no, no...who said John Bruce? I always wanted Carter Oosterhouse!!