08 October 2005

More from the 'Oh Wow' Dept.

Picture this: naked and bleeding, a burglar plops onto the floor from the ceiling of a 'Check 'n Go' outlet, then leaps to his feet, and scurries out the door...

That's the premise behind a really cliché comedy skit--and an actual occurrence that took place early Thursday morning in Darlington, South Carolina. Read it and weep.

As if that's not pitiful enough, here's the long-awaited post of the 'Sanitary Holiday Slippers' which I mentioned ages ago, but neglected to include the photo. You'll want to get right on this in time for the fall craft shows and holiday gift giving. Me, I think it'd be swell* to whip up a pack of 48 (that's 12 pairs of slippers) for a church bizarre.*

Happy crafting!

*Yes, I meant to do that. Both times. So deal.

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Theresa said...

You'll laugh when you read my blog...i'm not sure which guy is cuter though.