05 October 2005

Favor, please!

I urge you to kindly go to this site, and vote for Herbie Husker. The contest requires you to vote in each matchup listed, and since I couldn't care less about any of the others, pick whomever else you like--as long as you don't forget to vote for Herbie Husker.

(Normally I wouldn't advocate voting for a team so dull that their mascot of choice is some boring-ass WASP, but hell; it does seem to accurately represent the place...)

Yes, I realize he has a big, cheesy grin, but what they hell...just play along. And be sure you vote at least once daily until the contest's end. It'd help if you put the word out there, so your friends, enemies, e-mail buddies, co-workers, and relatives can help stuff the ballot box with us!

Thank you for your cooperation.

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