17 October 2005

The Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival - Recap(s)

"The Morning After"
Way back when, I said I'd describe the Montreal Knits weekend outing to the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival, that was held October 1st & 2nd.

I forgot.

But in the meantime, I did drop kind of an open letter to devoted knitter Caroline, describing in brief, our activities...and it went like this:

Salut Caroline!

Our trip to Vermont was loads of fun, and oddly enough, nobody was arrested. Nobody even had to undergo a strip search at the border, either.

The quick overview is that we got some nice buys at the festival, and even saw this sheep named Molly Anne, who basically ignored our Molly Ann, and stayed at the back of her pen, chewing straw for what seemed like days.

Later, we attempted to do a little partying in our rooms, after making a trip to a grocery store, where we bought mass quantities of junk food and wine coolers. We must be a bunch of old farts, because we pretty much pooped out after supper, and fell asleep before 3:00 a.m.

Sunday we spend the day buying stuff we can't afford (mostly clothing), and Véronik blew everyone's mind with her ability to find great buys in clothes at a very rapid pace. Her services were offered for anyone who wanted them, but I think Mona was the only one to accept.

After spending most of whatever was left, we hung out at a coffee place downtown, where we knitted, got loud and silly, and ate some really good vegetarian chili and multi-grain bread, baked at the place. (You'd have loved that part, too).

On the ride home, we gossiped about various celebrities, and talked about how much trashy fun the original version of 'Lance et Compte' was to watch.

I tricked Mona to take a long, circuitious route to my door, where Melanie had to make a nature call, due to the unplanned length of the ride. Mona, Melanie, and Véronik got to meet my son Fidel (the guinea pig), and touched his ass, because he's got really long fur that hangs off his back end like a bad hair piece. A good time was had by all. After that, they continued homeward.

The End.

Next time, we're kidnapping you so you can come with us, and make lots of mischief.

Okay, see you soon,

- Deawn

If you require more 'actual knitting-related' content, you should click on over to Mona's site, because she described it far better than I ever could...And don't forget to check out this part, with the (semi-) incriminating pictures too!


thedeviluno said...

I like the hippie life...maybe I should take up knitting.

K. said...

I can't believe that we didn't eat the Funions...I braved the border and all that hoopla just to miss out on the legendary Funions...

deawn said...

My perimenopaus caused me to have an extended bout of PMS last month, so I felt compelled to eat the entire bag. Not-to-worry, however--I will purchase another bag while Stateside, and smuggle them back across the border upon my return...

nadine said...

the man sock continues.
in the meantime, i've started a sock for ME. the Knitting companion sends you warm & fuzzy Greetings.

Thanks for the Recap of your Vermont weekend. Fab.