25 July 2006

Ain't they cute?

"Fun Buns"
...Mother found them abandoned near the mailbox. In fact, she didn't know what they were, and asked me to identify them (she feared they were some kind of gopher intent on destroying her well-manicured lawn--shades of Caddyshack, indeed!) Since the weather last week was especially horrid (i.e. hotter than hell and twice as humid) I checked in on them when I went to get the mail Thursday last--only to discover that there was only one bun(-ny) left. He hopped out onto the grass, and nearly into the street! But I attempted to guide his hopping so that he'd land in the big bag of timothy hay I brought out for them to snack on (since there was no hide nor hare (ha!) of a Mama Bunny around. So I guided him into a little box with lots of hay, and we headed off to the humane society (because Miss Pearl and wild bunnies aren't a good mix).

Since this global warming thing you know, heated up, the yard is basically some kind of homeland for wild rabbits--and they're all over the place. Actually, I prefer them to opossums--they're kind of homely, and also like most everyone here, rather overweight.

Okay, bye.


Karine said...

That picture deserves to be on Cute Overload.

kelli ann said...

i think they look sweet. a sucker for big-eyed, furry wildlife, i am.

dragon knitter said...

hey, i resemble that remark!