30 July 2006

Time to Hype, Y'all...

Dude, Where's the Violet?
One of the benefits of being stranded here in the obscenely humid Blast Furnace of the Great Plains is getting hip to some of the truly creative and fun knit action out there (although sadly, many of these people come from someplace else, but hey--I won't go there right now...)

But anyway, these two sock-happy knitteristas are simply oozing with infomation, wit, and like any midwesterner worth her salt, are mighty adept at spinning a good yarn! (Sorry about that--I couldn't help it. But you feel me, I'm sure).

So click on the pretty button up there, and check 'em out. They're fun. Truly. Would I lie?! (Well, this time, I'm on the real. Trust me).

Okay, thanks.


Shorty said...

I've been listening to them since their second episode and I agree, they are great. I laughed so hard one day I almost split my side. lol The "boxer shorts wrangler" was priceless. You could almost see him waddling around like a two year old trying to get the dogs out of the room.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves them. I hope they keep up the great work.

dragon knitter said...

you KNOW i listen to them (and obsessively post comment after comment whilst listening). gee, am i obsessing? nah, i'm just a midwesterner (and i'm from here, dammit, that does NOT make me weird!)

deawn said...

Actually, I can vouch for that. I know The Dragon Knitter personally, and next to me, she's extremely unweird.

...Not that I'm a good benchmark for such things, but hey--I felt the need to have DK's back. And I mean that in the good way.

I mean, if indeed there is a good way to do that.

Oh hell, I'm stopping before I get spun up further into this mess!


deawn said...

One more thing--The Dragon Knitter spins amazing yarn--especially as an unweird native of the midwest.

Plus, she's like really generous with it, because she game a freebie like two weeks ago. Straight up.

(I hope this gets me out of trouble with all the unweird midwesterners who were offended by me hating on all the weird midwesterners who give all midwesterneres a bad name. ..an' shit like that. Thank you.)

Carry on!

deawn said...

My head hurts now.

dragon knitter said...

that was an out & out bribe to get you to tell me whose husband was showering in his clothes.

have you done anything with it? i can't recall if i posted a pic on my blog or not, post a pic for me, and hype the hell out of it, lol