23 July 2006

A Little Passive-Aggressive Fun 'n Games

This photo was taken while Mother was totally out of it, during a recent nap. The enormous furry blue-green lumpy heart-shaped pillow was plopped in her lap, and she didn't even flinch! In fact, if nobody ever mentions it to her, she'll be none the wiser.

You know, there's something deliciously evil about knowing that anyone in the world with time to waste and a decent connection can see this...

N.B.: The pillow was eventually given to our dear friend Fredericka, who is well into her 90s, and appreciates the sentiment behind the gift, if not it's lumpy, furry splendor. She (unlike Yours Truly), has a very kind heart to go with her new pillow.


dragon knitter said...

i'm telling!

that was wicked, you nasty bit of work!

how did the party for the fuller brush guy go?

puck said...

aww, its the cookie monster's pillow, and you stole it to give to your mom. such a nice daughter. does she know yet that she is now a famous internet star?
fuller brush guy? like door-to-door salesman? was it willie lowman's birthday and i missed it? you'll have to fill me in on thursday