14 July 2006

The Story of "Armando's" Anal-Retentive Bike Tour & Hygiene Festival

So...Thursday evening rolls around, just like it does every week, and I decide to go to String of Purls for a little SnB. And on this particular occasion, I decide to park myself near This Lady (whom I promised not to name because I'm about to repeat this tripped-out story about her husband, and this thing he did during a recent cycling trip in Colorado...)

It's laid out like this:
This totally would have simplified things
more than we'll ever know.
Her husband, whom I will refer to as 'Armando' (because I like that name) was on this crazy long, intensive cycling trip and had pedalled his way to Telluride, where there was nary a laudromat to be found. The nearest town with such facilities was 50 miles away, and a very mountainous 50 miles, at that. So he got the idea to shower with his clothes on, so he could get a two-fer (you know, scrub himself down, as well as his gear).

I found this to be uproariously funny, yet anal-retentive as all get out.

So that's why I'm posting it here. I told The Lady I was going to out her husband and his goofy little story here on my blog, but that was like three weeks ago...(hey, I been real busy). Just so I don't come across as a complete liar, I'm posting it late. Actually, the real reason I'm posting it so late, is because I've been depressed as hell, which is what happens whenever I get trapped in the reddest of the red states on earth (that would be here, for those of you who aren't already hip).

Okay, well, it's past my suppertime, so I gots ta go now....

- D.

P.S. If you want real names and identities, I'm open to bribery. Especially if it involves yarn...try me!


dragon knitter said...

was it mary?

Dulcedosa said...


Who's the naked blue sky guy? What's he got to do with the story?
Why are you stuck in Omaha? I always gush about how cute the men are in Omaha. All those corn fed, hot Blonde/Blue guys. *gush*

deawn said...

Ms. M: I can'tcomment as to the identity of "Armando" and his Mrs. (unless you give me yarn).

Dear D: The naked guy is who I googled up from some nudist page. (I'm notorious for knitting naked in the wee hours of the a.m., but not on a bike!) I thought he'd make for 'visual interest' for the post.

Guys in Omaha cute??? To the great unwashed, please note that corn fed is code for 'fat ass.' But hey, maybe you hang out in parts of town I dare not visit, as said hotties have escaped my view (then again, I am low-vision...)

I hate West O. Just thought you should know.


Susan said...

I thought West O was practically East Lincoln. You need to get out sister!

deawn said...

Do I ever.

The whole reason I remain here has now morphed from the ever cliché "Mother's Fault" to side-effects of menopause. (Did I mention the abcess? That was surely the cause of my recent toothache...)

Actually, people in Lincoln consider West O to be that part of town near Capital Beach.

N.B. This is an inside joke for Lincolnites. Please don't attempt to figure it out. It really isn't all that funny/clever.

dragon knitter said...

ok, i'll bring all my handspun, and you can tell me tomorrow night