10 July 2006

Pissed off; and yet...

Some things defy regulation, doncha think?

...I have managed to get stuck in this bucolic hellhole yet again.

When I'm able to circumvent the ultra-bland force field that has sucked all the chi from my very being, I'll tell you exactly how this travesty began. As for now, send positive, healing thoughts my way, because I seem to have racked up a veritable shitload of bad-travel karma, come of late.

And Mona, not-to-worry. I have your Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Mountain Tango, and Joe sends his regards. For real.


Mona strickt said...

seriously? That's cool! Thanks so much - and I do hope you come back soon!

Susan said...

You can blame me and the lack of funds to go to Montreal. You would have been there two weeks ago.

Sending you postive thoughts from the land of 100-degree days.